Apathy on Company Time - Something to Believe In!

Aoct (Apathy on Company Time) started as a response to working for my first employer - a pet project for Dilbert-esque complaints about management. I eventually left there and went to work for an independent ISP. Once I left, my disgruntled stated diminished, only to return again after I went into management at the ISP. After a few years, they were sold and I left there, too.

I left IT and went to something that was far worse than anything I could have imagined - retail business. Not only retail business, but being a partner in my family’s 100 year old furniture business and then opening two stores of my own. I can only claim that I took temporary leave of my senses. In a fit of vicious irony, I ended up back at IU after 10 years in retail furniture. The difference now is that my perspective has changed. Work/life balance actually means something to me now. Beyond that, the fact that owning and running the furniture stores was so miserable for me that nothing that IU can throw at me will phase me in the least. For the record, that is NOT a challenge. It’s just a statement on my different outlook on life now.

The only things of note that still live here are my mostly defunct bio and my software that I wrote while at the ISP. It's no longer being maintained, but still might be of interest to someone as a base for other projects.