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Fwsummary Suite

Please note that Fwsummary is no longer actively being maintained.

Fwsummary was created to provide a human readable nightly report of firewall activities on various servers. It began with an IPChains version, but was adapted for client boxes running IPFWadm. Recently, as IPTables capable machines have started creeping in, a version to handle IPTables was created as well.

A BETA version of Fwsummary for Cisco firewall feature set or PIX is online in the dist dir now. It's very experimental at this point and uses web based output instead of email output. Use at your own risk !

The README talks about the usage of fwsummary.

The IPTables version is (was) in active production. The Ipfwadm and IPChains versions are fairly static.


Normally, I make RPMs because we are a Redhat shop. I haven't gotten around to it quite yet. I'll try to do that soon.

Installation is pretty easy...there aren't many options:

unpack the tarball and do:

  • make test -> Make sure the thing even works before going on

  • make diff -> Compare to an existing fwsummary if you'd like (optional)

  • make install

That's it. Nothing huge.

I'm really interested in refining these and making them bigger and better. I've already gotten a suggestion or two, but am always open to more. My contact email is at the bottom of the page. Let me know if things are good, what could be improved, or if you have improvements you'd like to submit back to the package.

fwsummary tarballs:

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