Apathy on Company Time - Something to Believe In!

Over the years we rolled a fair amount of our own software at Kiva and IU, mostly so we can get our jobs done. Some of the tools or patches have proven useful enough to us that we thought someone else might find them useful as well. These are all open source projects and as such we would very much appreciate any input people may have on these things. Some of these are new and well maintained some are old and crufty, but have some value as information.

  • DHCPReg Utils - This is a collection of utilities that we use to manage MAC address registrations for a cable modem system. It has methods for adding (static or dynamic), subtracting, and checking MAC registrations.

  • - A small perl module to handle signals.

  • Fwsummary Suite - A set of scripts that will parse and report ipfwadm, ipchains, or iptables firewall logs.