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Interrupt - A simple module to easily incorporate signal handling into perl code

Please note that is no longer being actively maintained.

Interrupt is a perl module that watches for signals from the user within a perl program.

Interrupt gives simple handling of signals. It gives a graceful return when a user issues any sort of signal to exit. Full details are in the POD in the perl module.


use Interrupt;

$SIG{'INT' } = \&interrupt;

$SIG{'QUIT'} = \&interrupt;

$SIG{'HUP' } = \&interrupt;

$SIG{'TRAP'} = \&interrupt;

$SIG{'ABRT'} = \&interrupt;

$SIG{'STOP'} = \&interrupt;

$SIG{'IOT'} = \&interrupt;

$SIG{'TERM'} = \&interrupt;

$SIG{'KILL'} = \&interrupt;

The distribution files are here with RPMS or tarballs:

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